• Mon, Oct 24, 2022
  • How To Avoid Wasting Time When Buyer Uses SBA
  • Will-tinsley
  • Have you had this situation happen?

    Buyer gets “pre-qualified” by SBA lender who issues a term sheet. Buyer executes
    contract with seller and begins due diligence. The underwriting process starts and a few
    weeks pass. You ask for updates and SBA lender says waiting on underwriting. Seller
    gets angry, buyer states not sure what’s going on, and then you get an email: The
    deal was declined. Cash flow not sufficient to support the proposed debt or buyer
    character issue (felony or bad credit). Weeks wasted, angry seller, and now your
    commission is at risk. All could have been avoided.

    Your goal as the business broker in the SBA process is to reduce the number of days to
    close by influencing transactions when possible. There are two key questions that make
    will help you avoid wasting weeks of effort, especially when asked early on in the buying

    Lender Term Sheet

    Unless you are confident in the SBA lender’s ability to deliver, you risk a meaningless
    term sheet, changes to the loan structure by underwriting that can kill the deal, and
    worst-case a decline after weeks in underwriting.

    Ask Your Lender: “Who approved this term sheet?”

    Term Sheet Probability Ranking Scale
    1. Formal pre-approval from credit manager (Very Strong)
    2. Issued by seasoned SBA lender > 25 acquisitions closed (Strong)
    3. SBA generalist or SBA Lender minimal acquisition deals closed (Weak)

    Credit Score & Background Check

    If there is an issue with the buyer’s credit score or background check (bankruptcy,
    felony, etc.) it needs to be addressed BEFORE the loan goes to underwriting. A good
    SBA lender will ask for a credit score and SBA Personal Eligibility from the buyer as soon
    as possible to address any issues.

    Ask Your Lender: “Are buyer credit score and SBA eligibility satisfactory”

    Asking the right questions WORKS! Stop wasting time, use the powerful influence you
    have on the transaction, and get your deals closed faster – even when SBA is involved.

    Published with permission from:

    Will Tinsley
    Vice President, SBA Business Development Officer
    First Internet Bank
    [email protected]