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Ray Skaug

Raymond A. Skaug, MBA, CVA

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Raymond Skaug has over 30 years of management, operations, consulting, and financial analysis experience in a wide variety of business venues. Ray is a Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA) and member of the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA).  He holds an MBA from Concordia University in Portland, Oregon. He was previously an officer with a national bank and taught managerial finance and entrepreneurial management at the college graduate level as an adjunct professor.

Ray Skaug Cert, assoc and MBA

Ray is the owner of Rainer Business Intelligence.  His company developed BizProBI Insight Reports, a proprietary business intelligence platform, for early-stage financial due diligence to give insight to business owners when they have the power to decide and act.  It transforms information into insight for small business purchase and sale transactions.

BizProBI Insight Reports address more than 300 key performance indicators to measure performance for the company in classic managerial financial analysis.  The Enterprise Value Driver Report helps owners identify and control activities that drive earnings and reduce risk factors.  The Value Focus Report develops business value through multiple approaches and methods.  The Proforma Business Plan addresses the financing capacity of the business in the acquisition context.  Importantly, it identifies the working capital required to operate the business in the post-acquisition period. Financial models present the sales forecast, historical fixed and variable cost structure, and assumptions for working capital management for varying acquisition structures and operating scenarios. 

BizProBI Insight Reports solve the two most pressing causes of deal failure by showing the correlation between price and performance, and by showing the value of the opportunity presented by the seller to the buyer.

BizProBI Insight Reports are published in PDF, web, and video formats along with the Microsoft Power BI Service.

For sellers with a legacy interest, the Purpose Driven Sale Module provides insight to maximize impact for causes they love.

Ray’s passion is to equip business owners to know, grow, and show the value of their small businesses so they can retire on their terms.