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Jason Long

Jason D. Long

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Jason Long brings Edison Business Advisors a unique blend of expertise in the food & beverage and hospitality industries and proficiency in business brokerage. A native Floridian and second-generation alcohol beverage license specialist, Jason has dedicated most of his career to the ins and outs of Florida's complex food & beverage licensing system.

Through his previous work with Permitting Specialist of Food & Beverage Inc. and his own venture, Liquor License Locators LLC, he has demonstrated his ability to assist clients with their food & beverage licensing needs as well as selecting, applying for, and brokering 4COP/3PS Quota Liquor Licenses statewide. Jason's dedication to his clients and capacity to bridge the gap between legal requirements and business goals make him a valuable and reliable resource for those in the food & beverage and hospitality industries.  He prides himself on his ability to streamline the often-complicated licensing process for his clients.

With his proficiency in business brokerage, experience as a business owner, and expertise in Florida's food & beverage licensing system, Jason offers valuable insights and assistance to businesses in the food & beverage and hospitality industries. His focus on client service and commitment to industry excellence makes him an asset to businesses looking to sell, establish, or expand in Florida's vibrant food & beverage and hospitality markets. With Jason on your team, you can be confident in navigating the road to success.