Portfolio of Equipment Leases (#964-23406)

Portfolio of Equipment Leases
Price: $5,500,000
Revenue: Undisclosed
Adjusted Cash Flow: Undisclosed

Passive/Absentee Investment. Potential 1031 Exchange.

The business offering is a portfolio of operating leases for lighting fixtures and equipment. The business was established to facilitate a leasing program tailored for street lighting systems, initially to meet the needs of a burgeoning Southwest Florida community. 

The business has grown to 37 current performing leases with remaining payments exceeding $11 million. 

The leases span twenty years, with the most recently installed equipment lease expiring March 2043.  The key lessees include Community Independent Special Districts (CISD), Homeowner Associations, and local municipalities. 

The parent company is seeking capital to expand their other business offerings, which includes constructing electrical and electronic infrastructure for street lighting, airport runway lighting, control systems, monitoring system, traffic signals, surveillance cameras and fiber optic communications. 

The lighting fixtures incorporated in these leases utilize high-efficiency LED lighting technology, ensuring minimal maintenance requirements. The parent company currently services this equipment and is willing to continue providing an ongoing service arrangement for the fixtures under new ownership.

Additionally, the parent company is open to negotiation with prospective buyers for additional leases scheduled to commence in 2024.


Portfolio of Equipment Leases
Steve Niehaus
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