Popular Bar/Restaurant (#964-20007)

Popular Bar/Restaurant
Price: $850,­000
Revenue: $2,­288,237
Adjusted Cash Flow: $314,­978
Location: Lee County, Florida

Bar/restaurant combination that acts and feels like a bar, but the food menu is so good it tilts the mix to 55/45 food/alcohol. Two separate under-air dining/bar areas as well as two patios.  Great opportunity for someone to buy a turn-key business grossing over $2 Million. Note:  Past SDE numbers have been in the mid-300K's.  2019 was lower due to the health and opening of other businesses. The numbers shown are a four-year average. Strong numbers through COVID-19 pandemic. 2020 tracking back 2016-2018 numbers.  

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Popular Bar/Restaurant
Eric Gall
(239) 738-6227