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  • What Is The Right Type Of Business For You To Buy?
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  • Article by Richard Parker, published in Forbes on November 15, 2019.

    I have been in the lower market sector of buying and selling businesses since 1990. Throughout this time, I would estimate that between my seminars, advisory work and publications, I have easily spoken with and to over 100,000 buyers. Without a doubt, the most common question I am asked and concern that is raised by prospective buyers is how to be certain they buy the right business.

    While there are many factors to be considered, the answer is simple: whatever it is that you do best has to be the single most important driving factor of the revenues and profits of any business you consider purchasing.

    This is not the time to learn on your dime.

    What Is More Important - Experience or Expertise?

    Strengths Are Key - Weaknesses Are Crucial

    Do What You Love...Sure.

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    Steve Niehaus, MBA, CBI, CM&AP

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