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  • The E-2 Investor Visa Process: How to Buy a Business
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  • You have decided to move to the United States and have chosen to participate in the E-2 Non-Immigrant Investor Visa program. 

    What now?

    1. Check for eligibility on the U.S. DEPARTMENT of STATE — BUREAU of CONSULAR AFFAIRS website Treaty Countries

    2. Form a team:

         a. Find a business broker to work with that is familiar with the E-2 Visa requirements.

         b. Consult with an immigration attorney and retain them. American Immigration Lawyers Assoc. 
             and the Legal Information Institute are resources you can use.

         c. Consult with a U.S. CPA.

         d. Consult with a U.S. attorney (in the State in which you are buying the business).

    3. Collaborate with a business broker to:

         a. Collect your personal financial statement and resume.

         b. Determine the types and sizes of businesses you can successfully acquire and operate.

         c. Establish realistic expectations on the time and effort required to own and operate a business.

         d. Provide business listings and help choose an appropriate business to pursue.

         e. Provide guidance and assistance throughout the business transaction process.

         f. Establish a realistic timeline for your move.

         g. Answer other questions and provide referrals for additional needed services. 

    4. Collaborate with an immigration attorney to:

         a. Provide details on the E-2 Visa application process.

         b. Answer questions regarding suitable businesses.

         c. Review purchase and lease contracts.

         d. Facilitate the preparation of your business plan.

         e. File paperwork to create a U.S. Corporation (C-Corp, S-Corp, LLC, or PLLC)

         f. Compile all needed documentation needed for a successful E-2 Visa application.

         g. Submit your E-2 Visa application.

         h. Prepare you for the interview.

         i. Walk you through the actual immigration process, i.e., getting across the border.

    5. Collaborate with a U.S. CPA to:

         a. Review the tax and financial documents associated with the targeted business.

         b. Provide insight as to the validity of the financial statements.

         c. Assist in setting up the accounting functions of your new business.

         d. Answer tax-related questions regarding your new business.

         e. Provide referrals - they are a great local resource as they know many business owners.

    6. Collaborate with a U.S. attorney to:

         a. Determine if your new business set up complies with State and Local laws.

         b. Provide resources for other legal issues you may encounter moving to the U.S.

         c. Review other legal documents you may encounter in the U.S.

    In conclusion, it is important to establish a team and leverage their knowledge and experience to help streamline the process of buying a business in the United States through the E-2 Non-Immigrant Investor Visa program. Edison Business Advisors has a long history of successful E-2 Visa acquisitions. I am eager to assist you enter the United States through via the E-2 Visa program. Contact me today!

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