• Thu, Mar 11, 2021
  • Eight Reasons to Sell Your Business in 2021
  • Timetosell
  • Eight Reasons to Sell Your Business in 2021:

    1. It is time to retire or move on to your next adventure.
    2. You have weathered the Great Recession and the COVID pandemic. Do you want to go through another downturn?
    3. Taxes will increase by 10% or more in 2022.
    4. There is a shortage of solid, profitable businesses on the market right now.
    5. There are still a lot of well-capitalized buyers looking for good, profitable businesses.
    6. Buyer capital will not last forever. Eventually, they will use their funds to acquire businesses and the next round of capital raise is not likely to produce what has been raised over the past few years.
    7. It is a good time to be liquid so you can take advantage of passive and other investment opportunities.
    8. SBA loan incentives for business acquisitions through September 30, 2021.

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