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  • Key Takeaways: From $4.7M to $7.4: How Engaging a Business Broker Helped One Dental Practice Achieve the Most from Their Sale
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  • Click here to link to the full article published in Street Register on November 20, 2023, based on an interview with Eric J. Gall.

    Key Takeaways from the Article

    This article discusses how Eric J. Gall helped a dental practice increase an offering price from $4.7M before his engagement to $7.4M after his engagement.

    By engaging Eric, the practice owners achieved the most from their sale. They not only optimized their sale price and terms, but they also found a more compatible buyer and received much more lucrative employment contracts. This was accomplished by properly preparing the practice for sale to present the practice in its best light and mitigate risk factors before going to market.  Doing so maximized the price buyers were willing to pay.  Bringing competition to the deal forced the most eager buyer to offer their best price to ensure they were the winning bid.

    If you are looking to achieve the most from your business sale, contact Eric for a confidential, complimentary consultation.

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