• Fri, Apr 05, 2024
  • 401K or IRA Rollovers for Business Acquisitions (ROBS)
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  • Link to full article: Considering ROBS for Your Business? Answer These 5 Questions First - Guidant (guidantfinancial.com)
    March 8, 2024
    By Guidant Financial

    Key Takeaways from the Article

    It is important to consider the following five items when thinking about using Rollovers for Business Acquisitions (ROBS):


    1. Eligible plans include 401Ks, traditional IRAs, Keogh plans, Thrift Saving Plans (TSPs), and more.

    2. ROBS effectiveness is optimized when $50,000 or more is rolled over. 

    4. Any legal U.S.-based franchises, startups, and acquisitions may qualify for ROBS; however, the business must be structured as a C Corporation.

    5. ROBS can be combined with alternative funding methods including SBA and seller notes.

    If you are interested in using your retirement savings to purchase a business, contact Eric J. Gall at [email protected] or 239-738-6227 for more information.