• Tue, Feb 06, 2024
  • 2,400 Businesses Per Day: How To Exit In A Buyer’s Market
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  • Click here for a link to the full article by Lien De Paupublished in Forbes on January 29, 2024.

    In the US, every day, a whopping 12,000 people turn 65, hang up their hats and head into retirement. Of these, around 20% own small businesses. Do the math, and you've got nearly 2,400 businesses daily needing a new captain at the helm. This trend has tipped the scales, creating a buyer's market, which means fewer businesses get sold.

    Let’s dive into 4 strategies that help you sell in a buyer’s market.

    1. Financial Fitness: Get Those Numbers Fit
    2. Building a Strong Operational Framework
    3. Show Off Your Business's Uniqueness
    4. Timing is Everything: Choose it Right

    Your Turn to Shine

    • Think about what makes your business uniquely awesome.
    • Jot down three things that stand out.
    • How can you use them to make your business attract the right buyers.

    By focusing on what sets your business apart, you're not just preparing for a sale; you're setting the stage for a big exit in a buyer’s market!

    Reach out so I can help you sell in a buyers market.
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