Medical Billing Company (#964-19007)

Medical Billing Company
Price: $3,100,000
Revenue: $2,500,000
Adjusted Cash Flow: $1,010,000
Location: Centre County, PA

Medical billing service provider for nearly 100 specialists and hospitals nationwide. Leadership has 20 plus years expertise in billing and staff averages over 8 years. Revenue management services includes credentialing, evaluations, eligibility verification, third-party billing, A/R management, call center, reporting; auditing and management consult. Opportunity to expand by initiating marketing and sales (presently no outbound marketing).

Brokers: 50/50 co-broke with BBF and AFLBB members as well as IBBA CBIs. All others shall be on a referral basis only.

Medical Billing Company
Eric Gall
(239) 738-6227