Are you considering selling or buying a business?
EBA helps business owners successfully transfer their business by properly preparing it for sale, marketing it confidentially, and guiding them through the process. Our proven process, methods, and tools have produced a significantly higher percentage of successful sales than the industry average. Contact an EBA intermediary to sell your business HERE.
EBA assists business buyers by successfully identifying and acquiring a business by matching their financial strength and business acumen to the appropriate business. Register as a buyer prospect to receive our weekly email of new listings HERE. Search for all Florida businesses to buy HERE.
EBA helps business owners understand the value of a business to support their needs. Whether they want to sell to a third party, partner, key employee, or family member; gift the business to charity; or liquidate, we provide a data-driven analysis of their business value. Request a valuation opinion, certified business appraisal, or equipment appraisal HERE.
EBA assists business owners who want to sell but their business has not met or exceeded a valuation the business owner needs to exit comfortably, and they do not have a system in place to maximize the business's value. We help create a plan to grow the business to a value to achieve post-exit needs and a strategy to select the best exit method. Contact an EBA intermediary about your exit plan HERE.


Edison Business Advisors' proven process for properly preparing a business for sale, maximizing marketing exposure, and expertise in guiding the sale to completion
has resulted in a significantly higher percentage of their listings closing than the industry average.

Services include Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestitures, Business Valuations, and Exit Plans

Edison Business Advisors is staffed with:
Certified Business Intermediaries (CBI), Certified Merger & Acquisition Professionals (CM&AP),
Merger & Acquisition Master Intermediaries (M&AMI), 
Accredited Business Intermediary (ABI),
Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA), Certified Business Appraiser (CBA), Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA),
Certified Florida Notary Public, MBAs, and Graduate and Bachelor's Degrees.

Edison Business Advisors Certificates and Degrees

Edison Business Advisors' award-winning intermediaries are uniquely qualified to provide solutions and guidance
for both main street and lower-middle-market businesses.

Edison Business Advisors Awards